• Parents:

    You want the best for your children.

    Being timely and making smart decisions now will have a tremendous impact.


PARENTS: if you wait, here’s what happens:

1. Create unnecessary stress by not engaging your student

2. Regret doing too little, too late or being indecisive

3. Make “college decisions” that become more expensive than need be

                                                                                Watch a Middleton Parent

Together, our college planning achieves great results because you will:

1. Implement a systematic, yet flexible path for each child

2. Have ongoing, meaningful conversations that keep everyone on track

3. Enjoy a college decision based on career meaning and success

4. Often pay less for the desired post-high school education

Watch a Verona Parent and her son

If making the best college decision will be important to your family, you are in the best possible place. Call today!

Parents Planning 4 College was previously known as Quest College Program.

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