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Why Search for the Best College Planner?

We as parents with college-bound students often feel overwhelmed and anxious with the pre-college process. We ask ourselves: who can help us? Who are the best college planners in our area?

Driving this sense of insecurity are questions such as: How do we figure out which is best college is for our child? Do we need to hire a tutor for our child? How and when do we apply to college? Will our child get accepted into their first-choice school? How can we best afford college? What should we be doing now to help our child? How can we be assured that the decisions we make today will benefit our child in the best possible way?

These are all legitimate concerns. However, the wonderful thing is, you as parents are the best people to decide the appropriate college preparation approach with your child!

Parents – Seldom Sure of the Pre-College Process

Part of the sales cycle for the college consulting and the tutoring industries is to play on the  insecurities of the parents. This insecurity is greatly due to the fact that no one has shown us – parents – how to prepare our kids for college. This includes, for example, helping them discover what career field they want to be in, being able to discern which (type) of college is best for our child, as well as what additional test preparation is really necessary. Unfortunately, for most of us, our own parents did not do a very good job of helping us along the pathway towards college success. In short, we want to help our child prepare for college – but no one showed us know how to do it.

The College Decision is a Family Decision

At the end of the day, the college decision – which college your student will attend – will be made at home, between you and your kids. The quality of this decision will be dependent upon the quality of your pre-college preparation.  Your household will have to consider what is the best-fit college and the affordability of this college. The decision is yours to be made – not to be given over to someone else. Your household will have to live with the consequences of this decision. Therefore, if it is a good decision, then you will be proud. If it doesn’t work out, then you too have to live with the fall-out and the process of rebooting or starting over and doing “college” right. At the end of the day, there are only three main players that really matter in the college decision: the student, their parents, and the college-of-choice.

Developing your Child’s College Game Plan

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to guide your child towards college success? How important would it to know how to make college affordable – regardless of financial means? Wouldn’t it be great to have a “college game plan” for each child? One of the most fascinating aspects of helping parents is affirming their ability and innate knowledge which helps their kids prepare for college successfully. Creating a college game plan for each or your children is one of the most rewarding ventures you as parents will ever undertake.

Preparing for college is a fundamental responsibility of us – parents as teachers. It takes a few hours of time to learn the process and to become familiar with the how-to tools. Thereafter, it requires a simple stick-to-it attitude.

Parents the Best College Planners

The resources available to your family are aimed at helping your student. However, role of the parents is to guide your child towards college success and to make sure college is affordable. Most important, is that this responsibility cannot be farmed out to a third party. Of all the people in the world, you understand your child the best and have their best interest in mind.

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