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The Best College Planners – Parents!

Why Search for the Best College Planner?

We as parents with college-bound students often feel overwhelmed and anxious with the pre-college process. We ask ourselves: who can help us? Who are the best college planners in our area?

Driving this sense of insecurity are questions such as: How do we figure out which is best college is for our child? Do we need to hire a tutor for our child? How and when do we apply to college? Will our child get accepted into their first-choice school? How can we best afford college? What should we be doing now to help our child? How can we be assured that the decisions we make today will benefit our child in the best possible way?

These are all legitimate concerns. However, the wonderful thing is, you as parents are the best people to decide the appropriate college preparation approach with your child!

Parents – Seldom Sure of the Pre-College Process

Part of the sales cycle for the college consulting and the tutoring industries is to play on the  insecurities of the parents. This insecurity is greatly due Continue reading

College Tuition Reciprocity Agreements

College Tuition is Expensive

For many families, paying for college in the best way involves taking advantage of a tuition reciprocity agreement.  Tuition will typically cost between $2000 at a community college to upwards of $30,000 at a four-year elite college per semester.  As your family considers ways to affording college, you will want to see if a reciprocity agreement is available for your college-of-choice.

Understanding the College Tuition Reciprocity Agreement

Colleges often charge a higher fee for tuition credits for students who Continue reading

Our Children’s Future Education

College is a door our children will walk through.

Parents as Teachers

Most parents (and grandparents) understand that someday soon college will be at their doorstep for their children. The post-high school education decision will be at our very own door.  This knock on this door demands being opened.  We will then begin to truly sense as parents whether we were well prepared or simply have been going along, hoping for the best.  How we have fulfilled our unique role – namely being parents as teachers for our children- will then become clearly visible. Our children’s Continue reading

Affording College

“College” is an Expensive Undertaking

The cost of your children’s post-high school education will run, typically, between $5,000 and $65,000 per year / per child. Affording college is not just important for the student, but for the parents as well. For most households, this is a big-ticket item. It comes as no surprise that families are interested in the best way to pay for college. Before one gets into the details of the financial aspectsContinue reading

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