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Parents Guide to College Planning

Current College Guide Failure

Every parent dreams of creating a viable path for a successful post high-school education experience for each of their children.  College planning is complex and difficult. This is attested to by the often crushing student debt families experience, the dismal college graduation rates and of course, the disenchanted college graduate. A parent’s guide to college planning is one of the most dynamic and fascinating scripts that each parent needs to write with and for each of their children respectively.

Guide as To-Do List

Most parents envision a guide to college planning to be like a handbook.  There are different chapters for each grade. Each chapter has a “to-do list”. When their child arrives as a senior, the list is practically completed and college success should await them. This is the typical approach provided by high schools. At one level, Continue reading

Free Money for College Students

Free Money for College comes at a Price

College-bound students and their families are confronted with the high cost of a post high-school education. Many want to find the so-called “free money”.  In this article, I want to briefly point out the “cost” to obtaining free money for college students.

The Cost of Grant Funding

Grants are a common type of free money for college students. To be considered for grants, either at the Federal or the Institutional level, a household must demonstrate financial need. This de facto means Continue reading

How to Prepare for College in High School

The Pre-college Misdirection

Many High Schools have taken on a self-supposed aura as a “college prep school”. Indeed, most parents are more than willing to bestow this upon them. As a result, parents relinquish the responsibility of preparing their kids for college to the teachers and counselors. They think that “how to prepare for college in high school” should be directed first and foremost towards the student, and their children’s guidance comes practically only from the schools.  This central misdirection, we believe, is a root cause for the low college graduation rates, crushing student loan Continue reading

Free Grants for College

The Search for “Free Money”

The high cost of a post-high school education forces many families to search for “gift aid”. Gift aid is money available to college students that does not need to be paid back. Gift aid is also money that does not come from one’s household – such as a parent or grandparent. Grants are one type of this so-called “gift aid”.

Types of College Grants

There are two basic types of grants to help fund college expenses. The first, and by far the most common, are Federal grants. Each year the Federal Government though the Department of Education sets aside a certain amount of moneyContinue reading