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Unexpected Student Debt

The Impact of Student Debt

“We have over $50,000 in student debt. Now what do we do?” asked a bewildered couple with their daughter who had just graduated from college. “Our daughter is earning $42,000 a year and is in no position to pay her rent and the loan interest.”

Most of us have heard that the student loan debt in the United States is around the $1.3 trillion mark.  This is divided upon many families – both young and old. At present, the $1.3 trillion figure is increasing, rather than decreasing. The above mentioned situation with the couple and their daughter is not as uncommonContinue reading

The GAP Year? A good Idea?

A “Gapper”

Many parents are considering whether their student should go for a “gap year”.  This is a year in which a graduate from either high school or college takes an amount of time – normally for six months or even for a full year – to “do something else”. The student/graduate then is a so-called “gapper”.

During this time, students visit foreign counties, take a course (such as a language course or a special interest course) or volunteer to support an organization. Many too decide to spend a year in the work force – earning money and trying to discern what career field they want to pursue.

Gap Year a Good Strategy?

This strategy is prompted by a variety of motivations and a corresponding value Continue reading

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