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Planning for College

Questions about Planning for College

Planning for our children’s post-high school education is both an exciting and daunting task. As parents, we understand the magnitude of the approaching college decision. Valid questions fill our minds and hearts such as: Will our child pick a good school? Will we be able to afford it?  Will our child be admitted? Will our child be happy with the chosen major? Will our child graduate? These are just a few of the concerns we have regarding our child’s college decision.
To have the best results, we as parents must master the two major components of preparing for college.

Planning for College Correctly

Guide your Children towards College Success

The imperative of our time with regards to preparing for college is this: Parents! Guide your children towards college success! Do not leave it up to the Middle and High Schools or so-called college advisor or coach. Understand this: as parents, you are in the best position to assist your childrenContinue reading

The High School College Visit

Participating in a College Visit

Summer vacation is upon us.  A parent recently shared with me: “Our high school has planned a college visit; our son will be going on that”. In retrospect, I think it was not so much of a “sharing” – but much more of a “deferring”. The responsibility for the college preparation process is being delegated or deferred to the high school.

The High School College Visit

“Pros” to a High School College Visit

In the past few years it has become much more common that high schools are organizing visits to colleges. In our experience, these college visits tend to be to local colleges. They are colleges that Continue reading

How to Prepare for College in High School

The Pre-college Misdirection

Many High Schools have taken on a self-supposed aura as a “college prep school”. Indeed, most parents are more than willing to bestow this upon them. As a result, parents relinquish the responsibility of preparing their kids for college to the teachers and counselors. They think that “how to prepare for college in high school” should be directed first and foremost towards the student, and their children’s guidance comes practically only from the schools.  This central misdirection, we believe, is a root cause for the low college graduation rates, crushing student loan Continue reading

Kids Going to College

“Call-to-Action” for College Preparation

Most parents want their children to benefit from a post-high school education, i.e. college.  As parents, we want our kids to be “prepared for college”. Yet we know that less than 60% of students attending four-year colleges graduate within six years. Less than 30% attending two-college colleges obtain either an associate’s degree or a certificate within three years.  In addition, we observe many households burdened with unexpectedly high amounts of student debt. And of those that who do graduate, we know many disgruntled college grads. Obviously, college preparation isn’t working too well for many families. These results are a call-to-action for parents with kids in middle and high school.

Middle / High Schools assume College Preparation Responsibility

Last week I spoke with a mom whose freshman son attends a local high school. She shared that her son had already visited three colleges via the school. I found that a bit hard to believe. We both agreed – my goodness – isn’t this a bit over-the-top?
Many local schools have created the appearance of being a “college preparation school”. Parents are led to believeContinue reading