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Planning for College

Questions about Planning for College

Planning for our children’s post-high school education is both an exciting and daunting task. As parents, we understand the magnitude of the approaching college decision. Valid questions fill our minds and hearts such as: Will our child pick a good school? Will we be able to afford it? Will our child graduate? Will our child be admitted? Will our child be happy with the chosen major? These are just a few of the concerns we have regarding our child’s college decision.
To have the best results, we as parents must master the two major components of preparing for college.

Planning for College Correctly

Guide your Children towards College Success

The imperative of our time with regards to preparing for college is this: Parents! Guide your children towards college success! Do not leave it up to the Middle and High Schools or so so-called college advisor or coach. Understand this: as parents, you are in the best position to assist your childrenContinue reading

Keeping Play Alive

Cultivating “Humor”

I recently came across an article by Merete Kropp in which she elaborates on how parents often stifle children’s ability to play.  One of the four cornerstones to college success for the “toddler – 6th grader parent” is that of humor. This is an experience and a perspective that we need to cultivate. “Keeping play alive” is not an easy task. Ms. Kropp provides six thought-provoking observations that can give us reason to ponder on how we might be making genuine play more difficult.  Here are two:

Spontaneous Play Time

Ms. Kropp points out: “We schedule everything related to play.” She observes how parents keep their kids hopping from one play activity to the next.  It is as if play time is on a to-do list that needs to be checked off.
When I listen to parents of younger kids they feel obligated to drive their kidsContinue reading

Encourage the Love of Reading

Reading promotes Language Skills

One of the most important activities a parent can do for a child with regards to college preparation is cultivate a love for reading. Research has shown that in the very early childhood years – even before the child is in Kindergarten – reading to a child has huge positive impact on acquiring language skills. Vocabulary expands; curiosity and memory are promoted. One organization that has compiled insightful information on this topic is the “Reach Out and Read Nation Center” in Boston MA.

When our Children Read

We all would love to see our child curled up this winter with a good book as opposed toContinue reading