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Encourage the Love of Reading

Reading promotes Language Skills

One of the most important activities a parent can do for a child with regards to college preparation is cultivate a love for reading. Research has shown that in the very early childhood years – even before the child is in Kindergarten – reading to a child has huge positive impact on acquiring language skills. Vocabulary expands; curiosity and memory are promoted. One organization that has compiled insightful information on this topic is the “Reach Out and Read Nation Center” in Boston MA.

When our Children Read

We all would love to see our child curled up this winter with a good book as opposed tositting in front of a monitor or TV screen. Wouldn’t it be a strange, uplifting sight to see our child look at the pages of a book – as opposed to having their heads buried in their phone?!

We often encourage dads who are more than willing to throw a football around with their children that it is, in a sense, equally important to read out loud to their children and to be seen reading books. Good books.

I (Robert) will never forget my sisters’ love of reading. This is something that they carried on – right through the tumultuous teenage years.  As they journeyed through their college years, till this day, I am always impressed at their vocabulary and reflectiveness; traits they certainly learned initially in the pre-teenager years with their love of reading.

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