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Our Motivation

Our personal Pre-College and College Experience

Our children were in 4th and 7th grades when they moved with me (Dija) to the States from South Africa. Soon the topic of preparing for college was in our household. Over the years, we have not just had our own experiences, but from Robert’s profession as a Certified College Planning Specialist. We have seen first-hand and heard many of the mistakes and trials that other families go through.

College is a BIG Deal

One of the phrases we hear the most is: “we are so busy with work and the kids’ activities”. Throw in having to formulate and execute a pre-college game plan for each of your children and how you will be able to afford such a big-ticket-item (on top of the normal day-to-day stuff), you have more than enough reason to stay awake at night.

The Struggle is REAL

Do you recall when your kids were little how you would pose the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” How did this conversation continue when the kids got beyond the age where it’s cute and a great answer was “I want to become a PIRATE!” Most families struggle in cultivating an environment where this question / answer evolves in an age appropriate way – and the child becomes an integral part of making the decision and have “skin-in-the-game”.

When posed the question of “where do you want to go after you graduate?” We would hear the following answers:
“I want to go to the college where my friends are going” or
“I hope I get into an elite college” or
“I don’t know where I want to go” or
“Is the community college really the only way to go?
There is too much at stake with every child’s college decision not to have the best possible preparation.

Parents taking Ownership = Disaster Averted!

Often times we as parents want to help their children; we just really don’t know how. As a result many end up crossing their fingers in the hope their schools or someone else with influence will provide the guidance and information needed. This is not a recipe for success and we certainly would not advise this as a plan! Everyone wins when the parents are the ones who are instrumental in guiding their kids.

How are you going to finance “college”?

Due to the misinformation, misconceptions and lack of tools, almost all families pay more than they ought for the value they receive. On average, parents save between $2,000 and $10,000 / year per student when they follow the program.

What can we do for you?

As a result of these issues, our proven program to help helps you better guide your children in a fun, timely and efficient way. We have been able to assist hundreds of parents over the years in making better quality and timely decisions in the pre-college years and save them thousands of dollars. We cannot promise or guarantee that your son / daughter will like their boss or co-workers when they leave college and land that job – we do promise that the quality of the college decision what you make with each of your children will be more thoughtful and carry the promise of a best future reasonably possible.

Dija and Robert